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Why Should Your Company Have a Part Time CFO?

  • The most successful companies have top quality executives in-house. With a part time CFO, there is now an affordable way for your business to have the same skill-set.
  • It can save your company up to $200,000 per year (every year) compared to an employed full-time CFO
  • You will retain an executive at a variable cost (and only pay when you need their services). Don’t spend money on an expensive fixed overhead.
  • Your business will have an in-house, qualified and experienced accountant working in your business – not someone who sees you only once or twice a year
  • Banks, finance companies, prospective purchasers of your business and audit firms respect companies with an in-house CPA or Chartered Accountant. Lift your negotiating strength when you bring your in-house CFO into the deliberations.
  • A part time CFO is an excellent in-house training and mentoring resource for your less qualified full time accounting staff. This helps motivate and retain your existing full-time team.

PART TIME PROFESSIONALS provide CFOs, Financial Controllers, Accountants and Other Executives for Part Time and Project Roles.

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