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In the last ten years there has been a gradual shift in both the way companies view the provision of in-house accounting services and, more importantly, the way members of this profession view their future as full-time employees. In the past members of the accounting profession had two distinct choices. They could either be full-time employees of:

  1. a professional practice (CPA, CA or legal firm), or
  2. a corporate employer

Initially, members of the professions predominantly fell into the first category. Over the last 25 years, however, this has shifted such that in 2005 a significant number of Chartered Accountants and CPAs in Australia are now employees in industry.

A limited, third, category of professionals in industry have moved beyond the traditional two-path career choice and have sought roles as consultants to industry. This provides them with autonomy plus a diversity of clients, variety, and the challenge they desire.

The CFO Network was established to assist this third category of professionals.

Many owners of small to medium and fast growing companies would like to hire a full-time experienced CFO to help advise them as they grow. With increasing salaries and a lack of candidates, this is often not a cost effective solution. Too many of these companies never hire these full-time professionals because of the high annual cost. As a result, they often suffer because of a lack of timely financial information and advice.

There are a significant and increasing number of businesses that want a CFO on a part-time basis. They want a professional who can attend their premises to help them with their needs. They do not have a problem with paying a reasonable fee for these services.

The CFO Network represents a group of independent consultants who want to consult to these companies and who meet the following minimum criteria:

At least 5 years membership of their professional association – Institute of Chartered Accountants, Society of CPAs etc.

At least 5 years CFO, Professional practice or Business executive experience

A company structure (GST registered) - Not incorporated?

Members of the CFO Network all have:

A desire to control their own futures

A desire to earn a great standard of living

An ability to work with change

A desire to help clients achieve the best from their businesses

To become a Member of the CFO Network you can register here!

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