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1. How does Part Time Professionals™ and the CFO Network™ help my business?

Part Time Professionals™ provides a rapid response to companies looking for accountants, CFOs and Financial Controllers on a part time or project basis. Once you have contacted us, one of our experienced team:

  1. Defines the role with you
  2. Confidentially notifies our CFO Network™ members of the opportunity - and then provides you with a shortlist of the most suitable and experienced resumes
  3. Arranges the interview with you and your choice of member/s
  4. When you have selected your CFO Network™ member, we assist in the agreement and documentation process.
  5. After appointment of the Member, we continue to provide administrative support to the Member - and ongoing client assistance.

From start to finish, the process generally need only take five working days as the Members’ qualifications, experience, and availability have already been validated.

2. How do you pre-qualify your CFO Network™ members?

All our CFO Network™ members submit detailed resumes, references and professional body membership details which are reviewed and assessed prior to acceptance in the CFO Network™. Current reference checks are undertaken prior to their undertaking any assignment with a client.

3. Would a Part Time Professional solution be right for every organisation?

Yes. Whether large or small, there should be a cost-benefit by contracting a Part Time Professional instead of hiring a full-time employee in that role. Where a company employs less than 100 staff, there may not be a need for a full time CFO. Two or three days a week of a highly experienced CFO may offer higher return on investment than spending the same on a less experienced full time employee. Larger companies may benefit from having a full time person for a short term while their staff member takes a sabbatical or other extended leave. Whether it is to provide an on-going part-time resource or to provide a full-time resource for a short-term, Part Time Professionals™ offers enormous flexibility and exceptional value.

4. Is Part Time Professionals™ a recruitment firm?

No. Part Time Professional is not a recruitment firm. It represents and supports its membership of executive consultants. We assist our members obtain clients but do not provide executive search services and do not act as an employer's agent. We do, however, put your firm in contact with our membership of consultants.

5. Is there an up front recruitment fee?

No. Each consultant charges a fee for consultancy services performed – when performed.

6. What does Part Time Professionals™ charge clients for their services?

Part Time Professionals™ charges a services fee to the CFO Network™ Members that have been successfully appointed to a role or project. We do not charge clients any fee unless a client later decides to employ the CFO Network™ Member directly. In that case a Finders Fee would be payable.

7. What does the CFO Network™ member do on the days when they are not consulting to my company?

Some members have other clients for the balance of the week, some members manage their own accounting practices, and some members pursue other interests and activities.

8. What happens if I want to offer the Part Time Professional a full-time job?

The service contract with the executive consultant will need to be terminated and an employment contract negotiated. A fee would be payable to Part Time Professionals™ in this event.

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